Sunday, September 30, 2012

St. George weekend

We just returned from a few days in St. George. We left on Friday morning and went to the Freemont Indian State Park. After hiking around for 3 hours and looking at various Indian carvings on rocks we left and went on to St. George. Guymon's got to the Reep's later that evening.
Saturday morning Tanner was baptized by his father and confirmed.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gary, Jennie and Carter

July 4th we drove to Paducah, Kentucky to watch the fireworks along the Ohio River.

Carter is a great 7 year old.

He is very happy.

These are fireworks and the moon rising.

Let's go boating!

Gary likes it.

Ralph ski's

Carter loves to stop at McDonald's on the way home from the lake.

 This is what the street's in Marion look like. It's a small community with lots of older buildings.

Building towers with Jenga boards

It hasn't rained so the lawns and fields are all dried up.

Jennie, Gary and Carter are EXTREMELY happy.
Carter just found out that he's going to be a big brother.

Carter on a knee board. He can ride forever. I rode with him once (on my own board), and my knees and legs were so tired, I finally let go.

This is the life.

Water balloon toss.

"I'm going to throw this one to grandpa."

St. Louis archway

We didn't get a  map with our rental car, so we got a bit nervous finding our way back to the airport. We made it in time. It's a two hour drive from Gary's in good traffic. There is always different construction and delays and then when we don't remember how to get to the airport, it was quite exciting for a bit of time. It takes 11 1/2  hours from the time we leave Gary's until we get home.


June 24, 2012 I went to Phoenix to watch Deeann's children while she went to girl's camp. When I got there, I found out Deeann had just decided not to attend girl's camp. That was ok with me, I could just hang out with the family and help Deeann with stuff around the house.

McKenna and Deeann are really glad to have me there.

Can you see a bit of a teasing smile in that cute face? It's there if you look for it.
Jacob and Andrew are excited to have me there to do stuff with them.
Jacob's swim team had a party at the Sky Zone. It's a place where trampoline's are everywhere and you can jump and do tricks, play dodge ball and jump into foam blocks. All 3 children loved it.

We went to Jeff's house and visited with his family for a few hours. This is Kimball.
This is Brigham.
Spencer, Sam, Andrew, Brigham, Jacob
Joshua, McKenna in front and Abby in back

Today we are going to buy a house.  The Guymon's became proud house owners on June 28, 2012.
Jacob had a swim meet and it was 113 degrees.  We kept cooler with snowcones and spray water bottles and lots to drink.

Ralph came down on the 29th and went golfing on Saturday the 30th. He got a little sunburned. He's a real "red neck".

This is the front door of our new house. Do they look excited or what?!
Jacob's swim team.
Bowling was fun. Do you like those bowling shoes and tutu on McKenna?

One of the nights we went to a movie at the ballpark. We went out to dinner a couple of times. One day we went to the free lunch program for the children and besides the lunch for the children, they gave each family a gallon bottle of juice, honey dew, cantelope, onions, potatoes, doritos, donuts, and eggplant. I couldn't believe all the free food there for families.
I had a great time with the Guymon's. I always hate to leave.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is what I painted yesterday for my sit down project.

Sitting is getting rather boring.

Guymon's visit in March 2012

Andrew wanted to build a snowman at Grandma's. The weather was so nice we didn't wear jackets and Andrew didn't have shoes on. That was nice after a long drive.

Sword play and snowball fight at the same time.

The best smile ever.

We went to Disney on Ice and everyone enjoyed it.

Playing on the toys after the ice show was fun.

We played frisbee golf, then the playground.

We went to the Discovery Gateway.

McKenna wasn't so sure about the horse. She didn't want to touch it.

The boys had fun playing with the weather station.

After we ate lunch at a Thai restaurant we went bowling.

Jacob wanted a strike.  He bowled by holding the ball in his hand and throwing it like an adult.

This is a bowl of gold and rubies for St. Patrick's Day.
The bowl is out of chocolate, the gold is jello, the rubies are strawberries.